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Social Media Marketing is the usage of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic, also you can run targeted Ad Campaigns.

Keypoints :

  • Usually 90% of people of age group (18-35 Years) engage or follows Brands on Social Media Channel.
  • Average Time of 3 Hours is spent by youth daily on Social Media.
  • Brands with Social Media Presence are engaged by 75% of Social Media Users
  • Conversion rate is improved to atleast 70% through Social Media.

Advantages :

  • Improve Brand Awareness and Engagement
  • Drive Potential Audience to your Business or Brand Websites or Products through Social Media Channels.
  • Boost in Website Traffic Conversion of Website Visitors to Leads or Customers.
  • Faster and easier content distribution
  • Regular interaction with the target audience
  • Industry, marketplace and competitor insights

What we do :

  • Competitive Research of your Social Media Presence
  • Creating Related Content for your Social Media Channels for your Brand
  • Run Ad Campaigns and Target Specific Audience Based on Interest, Demographics and Geographics (PAID).
  • Improvise Brand Engagement using Articles or Posts (Note: Depends on your Product)
  • Quarterly Reporting on Social Media Traffic and Growth of your Channels.