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YouTube Marketing Tips – Top 10 ways to improve your channel

YouTube Marketing- Zlancers


Top 10 hacks to improve youtube channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine after google search. It is the one of the best platforms to promote your product or brand. Reaching the huge audience and to engage them by thinking from the perspective of the customer .So the basic tip to follow is that it should be creative enough, it should be relevant and have to think from the perspective of the customer. So today we share you the top 10 YouTube Marketing Tips to help you improve your blog.

For YouTube marketing you have to keep focusing on these key points so that you will have a good grasp.

  • Create and keep optimizing your channel
  • Target the suitable audience
  • Advertise on YouTube channel

Now let’s checkout the Top 10 Youtube Marketing Tips  :


 1. Create a YouTube channel for promoting your product or brand.

The first step from our top 10 Youtube Marketing tips will be Creating a YouTube channel is by using the google account so that only an account holder can login and logout and is able to handle the channel.

So how to create a YouTube channel for your brand here are the steps :

1) First sign in into YouTube and Click on the top right of the screen on the user icon.

2) Click on the Gear iconic symbol to get your YouTube channel account setting.

3) Then click on create a new channel.

4) Choose ‘Use a business or name’

5) Add Your Brand Name

6) Now click on create.

2. Study about your audience.

The second step from our top 10 Youtube Marketing tips will be Your business YouTube channel analysis and gives you the access to the Analytics tab, which includes number of stars related to your YouTube channel. The YouTube looks for the quantitative highlights on your channel and also shows the audience’s engagement, which include views, average time spent by audiences watching the video and also conversion after watching the video. Target the subscribers by knowing about the demographics. This will help to know about the customers and then you will be confident to reach the right audience. Monitor the time spend to watch the video and the demographics by questioning such as,

  • At which time your videos are being viewed and where.
  • The age of the viewer.
  • What’s the gender of the viewer who views or engages with the video?

So always try to think from the perspective of the audience

3) Research of your competitor.

The third step from our top 10 Youtube Marketing tips will be Do Competitive analysis of the same product or business and create the video in a unique way to attract, engage and to convert the audiences. Browse the competitors channel and note down which videos got the most views and the least views. Watch all the videos and get what kind of content your audience like to watch and what they don’t like, use own unique content strategy to give the relevant information. Read the descriptions to know about the keywords what they are using in their YouTube search optimization. Use some similar type of keyword to boost the ranking in you tube’s search pages and good content video recommended video feeds.

4) Learn from the YouTube channel.

The fourth step from our top 10 Youtube Marketing tips will be to analyze the time at which you are watching YouTube, some questions arise in our mind or you have to ask yourself what about the video? Does the video grabs the attention? What keeps you coming to your channels?

The attention is grabbed by the YouTubers and the technically with the more practices so that they follow to drive views, subscriptions and engagement. To increase the YouTube following making strategies to attract YouTubers. This will help you to be the successful marketer.

5) Optimization of videos for SEO to drive views.

YouTube videos should be optimized so that if you want to get more value out of that search.

There will be a lot of traction so your videos will fail to come first at the search .For that you have to work overtime on YouTube SEO.

Write the Relevant title (Include the Keywords).

At beginning you have to optimize the YouTube video which contains the relevant keywords (by using google ads, keyword planner)

Check the title should be relevant to the video. Try including relevant keywords or exact that it will obtain more number of clicks.

The Title of the YouTube limits the characters up to 70.But I recommend the characters about 60-65.

Create an interesting thumbnail.

Freeze photo is chosen when the video is uploaded known as i strongly recommend the attractive thumbnail to click on the video.

Write the description about the video.

The description of the video should have a short summary of the video topic. Include the website links, social media links and relevant hashtags. The description should be of 160-165 characters.

Put all hashtags to video description.

Collect all the relevant hashtags but the hashtags must be less than 15.but if used more than 15 the hashtag will not work.

Ask Viewers to subscribe to your YouTube Channel. 

Easiest way to get Subscribers to ask them at the end of the video. The Youtuber uses the call at the end to like,share and Subscribe your YouTube channel.

6) Upload 2-3 Videos in a month.

As YouTube is the most popular the subscriber will watch as the television channel by visiting regularly to your channel. Post or upload the videos regularly with the unique content so as to increase the subscribers. If you upload the more than 2-3 videos in a month the viewers will be bored with the channel and the audience may unsubscribe the channel also.

7) Optimize YouTube channels to attract the audience.

After optimizing the video then you have to optimize the YouTube as to bring more number of viewers to convert them as the regular subscribers.

Fill YouTube profile

  • Fill all the possible relevant data.
  • Rich Bio by including keywords.
  • An attractive banner Size of (2560×1440 pixel) or (should not exceed 2MB).
  • Give links to your website and also the social Media profiles.
  • Share the contact information and the location.

Arrange your YouTube videos as a playlists

When you create a playlist your videos will be played automatic til the playlist ends. Which in return helps to increase to spend more time viewing the videos also increase the average watching time on your YouTube channel. Built playlist using the best ideas and create the videos. Give the subtitles to the YouTube Videos.

Click on the account name at the top right side and navigate.

Go to the menu then left click. Click on Translations and Community contributions.

Now click on Turn on to all the videos so as to enable community contributions.

8) Do YouTube Advertising.

YouTube channel is a good platform for advertising. You can also pay to YouTube if you have funds and can also pay for YouTube advertising. You can advertise the YouTube ads in six varieties, some of the ads which I have gone through are:-

  • Shippable Video Ad
  • Non-shippable video ad
  • Bumper ad
  • Overlay ad
  • Display ad
  • Sponsored ad


9) Make Video with the Suitable Influencer.

It is one of the best way to promote your product or brand on YouTube channel with the help of the influencer.70% of people or audience Subscribe the YouTube channel by trusting the influencers. Tracking the results you can see huge returns and those who are in partnership with the YouTube as well as Instagram influencers grow your product or brand. The beneficial thing is that influencer’s followers will also reach or come to know about the product or Brand.


10) Analyze your YouTube channel.

See that you publish the videos regularly and build up YouTube channels with the good partnerships with the influencers. You have to monitor constantly to maintain the quality of your YouTube channel.

When you upload new video, check with YouTube Analytics so as to:-

Change of subscriber count

Keep changing the demographics with respect to the “What is the video about?”

It shows the location of the viewer

It also shows the “How much traffic has arrived?”

Shows the device report from which device you are watching the video or ads.


Great ! We hope you understood what it takes to make your Youtube Channel Successful through this article on Top 10 Youtube Marketing Tips.

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