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What is DA Score and Why is it Important for your Website

A real indication of a website’s success can be defined by its ranking on the Search Engine Ranking Page, commonly known as SERP. If you are a website owner you might need to understand few things about how Search Engine ranking algorithms and DA Score. A well-ranked website brings more traffic to the page and confirms the business’s authenticity, and, in turn, helps improve engagement and profitability. Search Engines apply specific criteria with the help of which they rank websites, some of which are as follows:

  1. Engaging content
  2. Page Speed
  3. Backlinks
  4. SEO, etc.

In addition to these factors, Moz, an SEO focused company, defined a criterion known as the Domain Authority Score or DA Score, which gives you a real understanding of how well your website is doing.

So, what exactly is a DA score?

It is a Search engine ranking score that helps determine how your website will rank on search engines compared to other websites.

Before the evolution of Digital Marketing, a website’s rank was judged based primarily on the page rank. However, nowadays, it is common for page and domain authority to play a significant role in determining a website’s ranking.

It will essentially show the “strength” of your website compared to other websites working in a similar field or even your competitors.

How is your website’s DA score calculated?

A DA score is a metric that scores your website between 1 and 100 points, where one is the worst and 100 is the best score. To calculate the DA score, several metrics are taken into consideration, some of which include the number of links directing to your site, linking root domains, MozRank, MozTrust, etc. These factors are combined to generate a single score out of 100, which is the DA score.

Several domain authority checkers are available online that you can use to check your website’s DA score, including the Moz open site explorer. You can also use the MozBar extension on Google Chrome or Firefox to limit any web page’s domain authority or page authority. 

What is a Good score and its Importance ?

Put, the higher your DA score, the better your website is doing. However, many factors come into play when you try to define a high score.

Analyzing your website’s DA number is not as simple as judging it based on its numeric value, although generally speaking, a DA score below 20 is considered flawed, and a DA score above 80 is considered excellent, while a DA score in the 50-60 range is deemed to be average.

The primary factor that comes into play while judging a DA number is to compare it with your competition.

A DA score considers what other websites in the same market and doing and uses that information to score your website. Therefore, while analyzing your DA Score, it is an excellent idea to research your competitor’s DA score as well. It should also be noted that a DA score is calculated on a logarithmic scale. It is thus, relatively more accessible to improve your score if it is in the 20-30 range than if it is in the 70-80 range.

Having a good DA score is almost a direct way to improve your ranking on search engines. It acts as a benchmark against which you can analyze the performance of your website. Research shows that approximately 75% of people that search for something online never scroll past the first page. Therefore, a website needs to get promoted to this prime real estate, and having a good DA score will help you do just that!

What can you do to improve your website’s DA score?

A start-up or a brand-new website will always have a DA score of 1. It is then essential to use specific SEO tools to increase the DA score of your website. The first and foremost thing that you should focus on is the quality of your content. Cohesive and engaging content makes sure that people keep coming back to your website. Other factors that can help in accelerating your DA score are as follows:

  1. A relevant domain name
  2. Good quality linkable content
  3. Zero to a few toxic links
  4. Mobile-friendliness of your website
  5. The overall speed of your website
  6. A consistent presence on other social media platforms

Additionally, working on link-building and getting links/mentions from websites or social media pages will drastically improve your own website’s DA score.

Therefore, it can be established that your website’s DA score is a great way to analyze and improve its performance compared to its peers.

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