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Top 10 reasons why WordPress is a great CMS

Building a website for your blog or business ? WordPress can save you ! It helps to break this hurdles of managing you website with its enormous features helping you to build your dream website easily. Thus, down here we would list down the benefits  of using WordPress which will help you to understand why its great to build your Website using WordPress !

1. It is Open Source

WordPress is a open source CMS (Content Management System), which anyone can use and its free. It doesn’t matter if it is a commercial website or a personal blog website, it is suitable for every website. It got a great community and contributors behind who keeps the platform secure and push regular updates to ensure security patches are released regularly. It is licenced under GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

(Built using Open-source Technologies) – PHP, MySQL

According to usage statistics of content management systems now report that WordPress powers over 60 million websites, or 36% of all websites on the internet and over 60% of all websites whose content management systems are known.

WordPress usage statisticsSource: Usage statistics of Content Management Systems, W3Techs, 2020

WordPress is an excellent website platform for a variety of websites. From blogging to e-commerce to business and portfolio websites, WordPress is a versatile CMS. Designed with usability and flexibility in mind, WordPress is a great solution for both large and small websites. is where you can download the WordPress software to install on your own server or web hosting account.

  • The WordPress software is open-source, so it is free to download and use.
  • To use the version of WordPress, you’ll need to have a domain name and web hosting, purchased from another reputable Hosting company.
  • Most web hosts offer a WordPress “quick install” or done-for-you installations of WordPress to help you get started if you don’t want to install WordPress yourself.
  • is the non-profit foundation of Automattic.
  • You can propose your ideas and contribute to improve WordPress

2. Great for complete beginners.

Through WordPress you can always access to large number of developers out there and not stuck to one. WordPress gives flexibility which allows you to contact any developer according to your need preference and choice. So, you will never be struck to same “hostage” circumstances which will not allow to change its supplier.

3. SEO building simple and effortless with WordPress

It provides an effective and efficient search engine optimization (SEO) which is the core of CMS and is loved by marketers of over the globe. Earlier it was a blogging platform but over a time it developed into a powerful content manager. A good SEO optimization can earn you money.  Word press is written using standard compliance high quality code and produce semantic mark-up in non-Greek terms this make google and other search engines love WordPress. This is why WordPress site tends to rank higher than other in search engines.

4. WordPress is user friendly 

Our clients are overwhelmed when we walk them through the functioning of their newly designed WordPress website. WordPress makes change in article or publishing in article in just a go. It fascinates clients because functioning on WordPress in just in the figure tips which makes learning and training people easy.

5. WordPress has a plugin ecosystem

The popularity of WordPress doesn’t surprise that plenty of developers creates their extensions which are called “plugins”. They are free piece of code that extends the core of functionality quickly. Another reasons why WordPress is so beloved is the security measures the developers take to preserve the trust of its users. the WordPress staff constantly update the CMS alongside the plugs ins that integrate with it. of course, users should use caution and preferably while directly logged into WordPress itself. There are various membership plugins available in the market that transforms your site into community. There are some free and paid plugins which can be used depending upon the taste of the user.

 6. WordPress run down for ages

WordPress is in existence for past 10 years and over the times it has developed, polished, tested and enhanced. And the process made WordPress emerged into an excellent web publishing system.

7. WordPress has an irresistible goodwill

Still can’t make a choice of making a website a WordPress one? This will surely help you to make a decision. WordPress is recommended by fortune 100 companies from , which run their business using WordPress platform.

8. WordPress is expandable

Using WordPress one can promote more than one website which helps to promote various parts of your business. WordPress is designed into a theme-based structure with multi-site capabilities which helps to build new website in few days and minimum investment.

9. WordPress helps building multi language sites.

If your business is expanded to more than one region or country then WordPress is a right choice. Its multi-language system helps you to build localized sites for one business. Managing different sites in different language is easy to handle as world press file is easy to customize.

10. Plug and Play System

WordPress is a great choice when you want to extend the functionalities of your Website. You can extend your website using the thousands of Free Open Source WordPress Themes or Plugins or you can buy premium themes or plugins from external sources to meet your requirements. It also keeps your company fresh in the eyes and minds of your customers. You can checkout our curated list of the recommended WordPress themes or plugins to improve your website experience and functionality.

Plugins can be helpful if you want to extend your CMS capabilities and integrations like handling Forms, securing with a firewall or a under maintenance etc.

Not all the plugins available works or are secure, you might need to check the compatibility of them with your current version of your WP, also check if it is updated regularly by the developers. Always ensure taking backups, because It might break your current WordPress Website if some plugin or theme have caught some issues by a bug or is not compatible.

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